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How do savvy marketers use the impact of the secure colour green in marketing?

How do savvy marketers use the impact of the secure colour green in marketing?

The tranquil allure of the colour green

I will look into picking a colour for your product or brand. I will look into the emotional impact of using the colour green. What will your brand present if you use the colour green? Green is a colour representing calm and inviting fresh energy-efficient ideas and renewal.

Writing in the Garden

It is overcast today. The garden colours are deep green. Green to me, shows growth and a garden populated with birdlife. Looking into the deep green tropical leaves fills me with calm. It is a feeling of abundance and refreshment. I read that before an actor goes onto a big film set, there is a green room to calm in before the filming starts. Staring into the green leaves is soothing. If you look at the colour chart, green consists of blue and yellow colours. Blue radiates trust and security while yellow is full of sunshine, light and abundance. Yellow is youthful and optimistic, one of my favourite colours. 

Insects in the Garden

I am sitting outside, enjoying my morning coffee. I see the finches ravaging the birdseed. A praying mantis lands on my leg. To my left, a meaty snail is sliding onto a juicy green leaf. The longer I sit quietly in the garden, the more insects and birds enter my circle. In the trees above, birds chirp and flap excitedly. I feel a warm morning breeze rustling through the big green leaves by the pool. 

A large black beetle is crawling towards me. The Beatle climbs onto a fallen yellow-green leaf. It is fair to say that I live in a tropical paradise. The garden is a structured jungle, home to hundreds of insects, birds and tiny living creatures I have never met. It is a calming green environment to recharge and rest between editing and writing projects. 

The Colour Green.

Green is associated with powerful emotions. It is a dominant colour in nature that evokes growth. The big array of green hues surrounding us express renewal and life. Green stimulates a feeling of abundance associated with refreshment, tranquillity, rest and security. Green encourages balance that leads to decisiveness.

Lighter greens that lean to yellow are associated with freshness. Think of lemons and limes. Darker greens are associated with stability and growth. Think of large tropical green leaves in Bali. 

Here is a list of a few Big Brands using the colour Green.

 The famous worldwide coffee chain, Starbucks uses green in their logo to represent growth. It is an International brand we associate with prosperity, promoting fresh products and uniqueness as a brand. Stepping into a Starbucks store, the green interior is inviting promoting relaxation and the full aroma of freshly brewed coffee.

John Deer, the successful agriculture brand stands for a better future. It is a brand creating equipment for sustainable farming. The green colours in the John Deere logo represent fresh-cut grass while the yellow in the logo symbolizes a cornfield. It is a classic image of a farmer on a John Deer harvester harvesting his cornfields. John Deere is a global brand that promotes innovation and technology advancement. The brand works creatively to be a sustainability leader towards climate change. 

The current BP logo is a yellow sunflower symbolizing the sun’s energy, and green reflecting the brand’s environmental sensitivity. The BP mission statement is to be a part of the solution creating a clean environment as one of the biggest global oil producers. As a leading energy company, the logo displays a desire and sensitivity to tackle the green environment challenge. A big corporate initiating bright spark ideas into the future. Bp rolled out new office designs placing aloe plants in each office. Bp is a big brand using green to build community trust and inclusivity.

One of the trendiest current brands Spotify uses a calming green and call to action. The green is inviting. It is a subtle but effective use of colour to grab attention and create comfort while using the music streaming service.


Green marketing promotes environmentally friendly statements. 

The colour green symbolizes products using less fuel, being water-efficient, recyclable packaging or promoting organic farming. Going green can win brand loyalty with consumers who are passionate about environmentally sensitive issues.

A green brand can market powerful messages about how your products help the environment. Promote green benefits. Use green packaging by printing marketing messages on recycled paper and create content that talks about recycling. Promote general awareness of the green ethos in your brand. A selection of customers will pay a premium for sustainably produced products. In your advertising, continue the sustainability theme, use the Internet and social media for marketing instead of printing.

Nature’s Inspiration

I can’t imagine living in an environment not surrounded by nature. With the current focus on climate change, we need to act now. George Clooney produced a new film that tells a story about the catastrophic demise of planet Earth. The film is called The Midnight Sky, a science fiction story. The visual of the Earth towards the end of the film sends chills racing through you. Are we confident about the future? Climate change will be a driving force to protect our world. 

I sip the last bit of strong brewed coffee from my cup. I feel an anxious rush of caffeine excitement. Imagine a world without coffee. The birds in the garden are excited. The insects and bugs move around in a steady flow. I sit quietly in the garden, taking in all the lush green calm before I head on to work. 

It will be a green day, calm and creative, putting down decisive words and editing concise pictures. 

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