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Verneuk pan

Any way the wind blows, Open roads, a mulberry panna cotta and a red fashion dress in the wind.

Any way the wind blows, Open roads, a mulberry panna cotta and a red fashion dress in the wind.

Anyway the wind blows on the open roads enjoying mulberry pannacotta and photographing a red dress in the wind.


Sweet Week

Something rich, creamy, colourful with a little bit of sweetness to start the Autumn week.

A day at one of Isabella Niehaus long tables is a fest. The bubbly wine starts flowing from midday paired with as many oysters as you can eat. There are always oysters left for some reason.

The winemaker presenting on the day serves a selection of wines paired with Isabella’s lunch menu. In winter, the reds flow, but copious amounts of white wine flow into your glass in summer.

The signature dish is a mussel starter served with vetkoek and homemade garlic butter. A lighter white wine like Sauvignon Blanc or Chenin Blanc pairs well with the mussel dish.

It is a long afternoon feasting on the starters, fire-cooked fish or meat and then after your belly is almost too full, it is time for a dessert.




 Panna cotta is all about the smooth, velvety cream taste that melts in your mouth. The best panna cotta dessert has an understated character, with a mild sweetness from the cream and vanilla blend. Despite the heavy cream, panna cotta dessert is perfect as a light dessert after a rich meal.


A choice of Mulberries, cherries and red berries, what is better with a creamy dessert?

Mulberries taste both tart and sweet with a rich but light ripe flavour. They taste great fresh and make the perfect pairing with a panna cotta.

Wine to pair with Panna Cotta

Panna Cotta pairs best with a white grape variety known as the Orange Muscat. The balance between the aromatic sweetness of the wine paired with the mild sweetness and creamy dairy of the Panna Cotta is perfect.

South Africa produces incredible dessert wines. The famous South African dessert wine is Vin de Constance from Klein Constantia vineyards. In addition, you can buy Muscat dessert wines from Peter Falke wines, Thelema wines, Muratie wines, Delheim wines and many more.

Mulberry Panna Cotta
Mulberry Panna Cotta

Any way the wind blows

It’s an open road

Which way will you go?

Any way the wind blows.

Verneukpan is a dry salt pan south of Kenhardt, between Swartkop and Diemansput in the Northern Cape, South Africa. Verneuk is Afrikaans for trick, mislead, or swindle. Aerotowing operations happen on Verneukpan. During the rainy seasons, many birds flock to the pans when they contain water. 

This region contains very little vegetation, primarily yellow grass among a rocky desert kind of landscape. The temperatures on Verneukpan rise above 40 °C in summer. The surface is entirely flat, a dried-up lake estimated fifty-seven kilometres long and eleven kilometres wide. 

The desert plain, Verneukpan, is approximately a hundred and fifteen-kilometre drive from Cape Town

If you love the open road and driving out of mobile reception, the road trip to Verneukpan is for you. You drive into the northern karoo with mesmerizing desolate and rocky landscapes along the winding and dead straight roads.

Pack your overnight bags, get your road trip tunes ready and head out onto the open road. The dry winds blow in every direction, and you have many options of routes to take.

Verneuk pan

Cherry, berry, maybe red

flapping in the wind

a dance by the pool

blueberry blue

the gin cocktails are waiting for you.


Photographing a red dress in the wind


A dress is a statement. A designer dress on the edge of a pool flapping in the wind is more of a statement. 

A portrait with Franca dressed in Erre Fashion. The photo photographed in the midday sun in Hertebeespoort dam at Mr C Harties. It is a colour pop against the blue sky and the water backdrop.

Photographing fashion on location is dynamic and unpredictable. There are always exciting elements on a location that will add to your portrait story. 

Erre Fashion red dress
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