You are currently viewing Shiny green tomatoes, sandy mountains and a beautiful Brasilian women in the twilight summer wind
Iza Rocche

Shiny green tomatoes, sandy mountains and a beautiful Brasilian women in the twilight summer wind

Shiny green tomatoes, sandy mountains and a beautiful Brasilian women in the twilight summer wind

I look back to styling Shiny green tomatoes and lingerie fashion photography with a Brasilian woman in the twilight summer wind.




Add some colour

Colourful spicey red, mellow yellow and dried brown

Cardamom. Clove with anise notes

Cassia bark, Black pepper

Cumin Coriander

Nutmeg and mace

Mustard seeds

All spices are nice.

West Coast catch of the day in a pan
Fish of the sea in the sunlight

Dune Scape
Climbing sandy mountains
Quiet sunset
The sky is talking
The light is glowy warm.

Shiny Green Tomatoes

Not all photos make it into a cookbook. Some images are just moods. These shiny green tomatoes photographed on a rusty firepan did not make it into the book. I love the contrast. Tomatoes are grown with care and love, photographed on a weathered used cooking pan, fresh and rusty, green and toasty.

Moody dim light
The warm summer wind gusts into the room, the chandelier light is dim, orange and soft. You move with ease, slowly and graceful. Twilight play into the night. My Funny Valentine, the trumpet melodically plays.
The city lights flow down below.
Your looks are photographable.
You make the night smile.
A timeless moment for a while,
stay a bit longer.

Iza Rocche

How do you eat a Cupcake?

You make sure there are many,
invite some friends,
open dessert wine,
share delicious creamy, decadent chocolate cupcakes

Food Photography


I am enjoying creating this image selection of previous food, landscape, travel and fashion work. In a way, it takes me back to being a full-time photographer, and in another way, it is super to revisit all the memories.

Each week has its own story on the blog. I will also be posting different amounts of images on the blog and social media.


Fashion Photography


The fashion images always get the most likes. That is understandable. Many people on Instagram scroll to view pictures of women. I would say that everything that is good looking, attention-grabbing and newsworthy, is a hit.

I have had an up and down relationship with social media. You get followed for what you post. I deliberately started posting more food and fewer models to change my focus and audience. It is working.

Social media, to me now, is a way to share stories. I enjoy curating the photos and words into a weekly series. The series ties up with my blog as a new content strategy.




The new part I am focussing on is writing.

It is a humbling experience to start from scratch with a skill. You can listen, read, and write, but you need to show results in the end. A writing habit helps, so does a reading habit.

I am reading many more books than I used to and writing thousands of words per week. As Jerry Seinfeld said, write every day but don’t publish every day.


Great Habits


A habit creates consistency, and consistency can lead to results when paired with thinking, advice, and work.

I am lucky not to stare into a blank page, even if only a few words make it onto my notes for a day. My photography career has been similar. I never struggled to find ideas. I did struggle at times to sell my ideas to clients. There is a middle way, a give and take.

I have learned from reading many A list copywriter blogs. Sometimes, the writer talks to me, and other days the story doesn’t. On the whole, I keep going back for more because the bulk of the stories grab me.

Copywriting is not so easy as the courses and the web makes it sound. There are research, structures and persuasion. It will take many fails and hours to piece together a personal style of persuasive writing. If your words don’t sell, nothing happens.

I have many more words to piece together to create the flow.


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