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Daniela Gutstadt, Culinary Table

Spring Photography at the Culinary Table, South Africa.

Spring Photography at the Culinary Table, South Africa, starts with a stroll through the garden. It is a unique venue next to Lanseria airport in Gauteng. It is the last place you think of when you think of a herb garden.

It is a perfect maintained herb and vegetable garden in the heart of Lanseria. The greenhouse grows plants to feed into the herb garden. 


The Culinary Table Balcony


The eating area is spacious, light and airy. You can sit outside on the balcony looking into the garden. Your food will contain something from the garden.

It is an excellent stop on your way to and from Lanseria airport. The atmosphere is relaxed and inviting. The Culinary Table is easy to find with safe parking. The restaurant and deli offer something tasty for every palate.


Spring in a Glass


The Culinary Table

It tastes like spring feels.

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The Culinary Table

Chasing a Chicken in the Flower and Herb garden.


I make a habit of asking chefs to chase chickens.

Why not,

It makes for great photos.

A springtime smile.

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Daniela Gutstadt, Culinary Table

Culinary Table

A family-owned restaurant headed by Chef Daniela Gutstadt in Lanseria, on the outskirts of Johannesburg. 

Excellent food starts with the ingredients to serve honest garden-to-table cuisine made from scratch.



The menu changes almost weekly.

The availability of the organic garden guides the menu planning. The kitchen serves fresh and seasonal food.

Organic Garden


The team grows herbs and vegetables in the garden. Almost every meal on the menu includes something sourced from the garden. The garden team does not use any pesticides, herbicides or artificial fertilizers. The garden is 100% organic.



The food market is a health-conscious deli with a full-service butchery and artisan bakery.


A True family business


Culinary Table was born from the dream of father-daughter duo Wehrner and Daniela Gutstadt. to create a garden-to-table restaurant with all organic, wholesome produce and a dedication to sustainability.  

The family own and operate the Culinary Equipment Company. The company supplies many top South African chefs and kitchens.

All the equipment demo’s inspired the Gutstadts to start providing lunch for Culinary staff. They decided to turn a warehouse space into a restaurant with a dream garden to supply the kitchen.


The Culinary table team promotes local and responsible sourcing.

It is a commitment to sustainability to deliver deliciously sourced ingredients and food.

I photographed Daniela and The Culinary TableTable for Country Life magazine, and we partnered to create content for the menu, produce and deli.

Be careful to browse the deli. The produce is incredible. You can quickly fill your entire basket with delicacies and quality produce. I recommend selecting bread and in particular the Banana bread, the cheese and the meat selection.

If you think of urban food sustainability, plan to visit The Culinary Table.

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