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How to use the colour yellow in your photography for a colour pop

How to use the colour yellow in your photography for a colour pop

Lemon and Pumpkin

It’s a sunny Monday with a splash of fresh lemon and a healthy bite full of pumpkin tart.


What would cooking be without lemons?


The grey floor in Isabella’s house has hosted more food photography than most other floors I know. The house on the dune, all grey, invites beautiful natural light onto the floor and all the exciting corners to set up food photos.

Yellow on grey and orange and grey are both beautiful combinations. A yellow colour pop and an orange pumpkin colour pop in the afternoon light.

The grey floor offers different shades during the day. There are always shady and light sports to use a fresh or moody theme when you place something yellow on the grey.

The grey and yellow works perfect with colourful and natural tones to create a strong visual image.

The black and white are sensual and alluring, but adding the Yellow gives the image a fresh burst of colour and sunshine. Yellow is vitality and energy, a warming colour for a body series.

Black White & Yellow Body Flower



& Yellow





Digital Artwork series called Black, White & Yellow


I started creating this digital artwork series a few years ago. Every time I photographed nudes and flowers, I made an overlay of photos to achieve a digital artwork.

It is a non-stop series. I add new images almost every month as I am inspired to create a new black white, and yellow themed artwork to add to the series.

Follow the Light

Bright light, sunlight,

afternoon warm light.

Yellow shaped design,

fitted and flowing brightly.

Tropical green, 

depth, contrast,

shadows and highlights.

African beauty,

power and elegance,

casual and chic,

confidently cool.

Silhouette yellow flow

Follow the light.


The Yellow Dress


The yellow dress is a dress made by Erre Fashion. We photographed the image at the pool at the Erre studio in Pretoria. In the afternoon, the sun shines through the trees creating beams of light and shadow areas full of depth. The light and dark complement the photo. 

The yellow dress on Desiree is elegant and bright with a moody summer sunset tone. Yellow, vibrant but fashionable. The photo, to me, feels like the perfect cocktail colours for a summer evening by the pool. I love the light beams highlighting Desiree shape and the design of the dress.

The swimming pool at Milner Fashion House, the studio of Erre fashion, is home to many summers shoots full of colour, contrast and elegant designs.

I love yellow and try to incorporate yellow in my photography, designs and life as often as possible.

Cheers to photographing many more yellow colourful things. Many more lemons, yellow food and attractive yellow fashion, design and cocktails.

Use the colour yellow in your photography for a radiant, bright colour pop. It’s fresh, lively and cheerful.

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