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Carla Conradie Wild Child

Caramel Colours, Tasty bites and toffee coloured sunsets

Caramel Colours, Tasty bites and toffee coloured sunsets


This week is all about caramel toffee colours in the kitchen and outside. Caramel colours in the kitchen make me think of onions that smell like rich flavours. Toffee coloured tasty oven-cooked pie crusts, savoury or sweet. And then, mix the kitchen flavours with highveld sunsets in the winter fields.


Kitchen colours and flavours


Onion skins and onion flavours

Have you ever wondered why many dishes begin with cooking onions?

It’s because onions are full of flavour. Cooking with onion add taste and texture to your food. 


Caramelized onions add depth and flavour. 


If you want to caramelize onions, take your time. Depending on the number of onions, it can take an hour. The flavours should develop slow.

To caramelize onions, sweat your onions. You sweat onions by cooking them at low temperatures.

The thicker the cut of the onions, the lower the heat should be. If the onions brown too fast, stir in a bit of water to moisten the sugars. Cook without stirring until the onions on the bottoms start to brown.

The caramel colours of cooked and raw onions photograph beautifully.

Onions Skin in the light
Onions Skin in the light

Kitchen Treats

A crusty, delicious slice of tart with mulberries and cream

These mulberries start white. They can turn green to red, and finally to purple-black. The perfect ripe mulberry colour is black. They are very delicate when ripe. If you touch them, they fall off the tree. 

The tart is a dessert tart with mulberries, light cream, vanilla ice cream and a tasty crusted pastry. It’s fruity, sweet, buttery and heaven paired with vanilla ice cream.


There is nothing better than fresh-picked fruit made into a delicious dessert.


The mulberries combine with the pastry crust, and the cream is light and tasty after a long lazy lunch.

And this is a dessert that is great cold or warm. Pastries photograph very well on textured cream plates or a moody grey surface in low light.

Mulberry tart

Portraits in the winter fields

Winter fields in Pretoria,

Singer, songwriter,

Wild Child.


Wild Child. 


She is wilder at heart than a wild child. She is a singer, songwriter and musician. She wears her heart on her sleeve with a laugh and a huge smile that put you at ease.

She is a close friend, and I have enjoyed seeing her career and music grow.

Both sunset and sunrise produce warm tones. 


Depending on conditions, colours range from yellow to orange to red. If the skies contain pollution, smoke or haze, the colour leans toward dark orange. If the skies are clear, the sunset is yellow. Winter sunsets colour lasts longer. 

It’s all about the light. 


The golden hour produces beautiful natural light that is easy to photograph. The light is very even and has a beautiful golden hue. 

 The light is softer.

 Sunsets create diffused soft golden light flattering to photograph portraits. The warm light hues create beautiful skin tones. 

The light is directional.

 During the golden hour, the suns angle is low. The low sun creates longer shadows with lens flares. The light is perfect for backlighting, silhouettes and sunbursts.

 The light is warm. 

Golden hour light changes quickly. Plan and photograph your portrait shoot quick in the warm glow to capture a charming sunset portrait.

Carla Conradie Wild Child
Carla Conradie Wild Child
Carla Conradie Wild Child
Carla Conradie Wild Child
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