You are currently viewing Photograph colourful knitwear in the dancing winter light by the pool.
Erre fashion Knitwear

Photograph colourful knitwear in the dancing winter light by the pool.

Photograph colourful knitwear in the dancing winter light by the pool.

Photograph colourful knitwear by the pool this winter. Enjoy the warmth of the winter light through the dancing shadows.


Light flares


soft focus,


fitted, warmly styled,

black luxury fibres,

lush garden patterns,

soaking up the faint sun,

cosy daydreams in the dancing light. 

Winter days outside by the pool are fresh and breezy. The faint winter sun dances through the trees and cast flashing highlights on the water. The light flares are mesmerizing. It feels like nostalgic memories reminding me of moments I haven’t lived, a cinematic visual memory. 

Spending winter days outside by the pool is a search for some heat. The sun is low, and the sunrays are fleeting. Dress in cosy and comfortable knitwear by the pool in search of the sun. Aim your camera into the light to capture the swaying light and the structured silhouettes.

Erre Fashion
Erre fashion by the pool
Erre Fashion silhouette
Desiree in Erre Fashion
Desiree in winter sun
Erre fashion in the winter sun

Winter Pool days




You can call it fancy pants with a warm wool top.

Winter days are short, 

the sun hangs low,

a fancy pants and a cosy wool top,

soft sunrays for winter pool days.

Pool days are associated with summer. The light in winter in the highveld is sharp. Photographs by the pool are sunny and fresh. Direct a bit of movement to lift the energy and warm up the frame. Photograph a few big steps and twists, enjoying a casual winter day creating a photo series outside.


Erre fashion pants
Erre fashion knitwear
Erre fashion pants
Erre fashion pants

Black & Pink

Noir & Rose

Negra & Rosa

Preta & Cor de rosa

Schwarz & Rosa

Zwart & Roze

Chernit & Rozovyy

Kuro & Pinku

Svart & Rosa

Mnyama & Pinki

No matter what language you say it in, 

It feels cosy, fits comfy and looks chic. 

If you think of knitwear and winter colours, pink is not always your first thought. The radiance of the pink set against the blue pool water is striking. The colours are bright, inspiring a winter cocktail. The tropical plants grow with resilience and keep their green colour in the photos.

Desiree photographed in Pretoria dressed in Erre fashion by the pool. The light is low and curved. 

Winter light with knitwear colours and comfort. 

Erre knitwear in black and white
Erre knitwear in purple
Erre fashion Knitwear
Erre knitwear in pink
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