You are currently viewing A Slow Saturday cigar moment spiced with rock n’ roll lyrics.

A Slow Saturday cigar moment spiced with rock n’ roll lyrics.

A Slow Saturday cigar moment spiced with rock n' roll lyrics.

It is weekend, time to enjoy a cigar and take a moment. Quiet contemplation. Enjoy the long rock n’ roll riffs of Jethro Tull and puffing on an easy smoking Cuban Cigar. “It was a new day yesterday, But it’s an old day now.” Music for a Saturday, slow, intense with beautiful, uncomplicated lyrics. With some things in life, you need to take time.

A Slow Saturday cigar moment spiced with rock n’ roll lyrics and time to think. Quiet contemplation while sipping a drink.


A Slow Saturday cigar moment


Solo moments are valuable. Thinking time is valuable, and listening to heartfelt music blaring out passion, is comforting. We run through each day. We plan the next one, and sometimes the urge to turn up the volume takes over. The time slows down while you listen to each word. An idea pops up. You are living in the moment. You appreciate the moment and let the calming emotions take control to enjoy the luxury of taking it slow.
A sunset hour of bliss. The whiskey talks, the music make you feel, and the puff of smoke slows down the time.

I didn’t think of lighting in this picture. It is overcast weather with low lighting. I guess you can call this soft light, or shadow light. The rain comes and goes with small moments of light beams casting soft shadows.

The wood and all the black and brown set the mood for a Cigar moment on the balcony. Rich and rewarding with a yellow glow in my glass. You can see the last light of the day illuminating the whiskey.


Photography Lighting


I hardly think of lighting when I photograph a picture. Just let it happen. I am sure this must be what expert copywriters do, the words and structure flow without thinking. After 25 years of making a living being a photographer, my lens focus on the story. I am trained by repetition and habitual creating.

I love the lighting, and I love working in different light settings because you get to experiment. There are rules, but we should break the rules. In the digital and internet era, it is easier than ever to publish a story moment. Let the light guide you and let the moments flow. Capture moments and tell a story. A picture says a lot, but if you add a few words the story blooms. You shouldn’t overthink it, fall in love with the process and do it.

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