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Kim Rivalland

A never-ending romantic love affair with the ocean from the East coast to the West Coast in South Africa

A never-ending romantic love affair with the ocean from the East coast to the West Coast in South Africa

There are few places in this world more rejuvenating than sitting on the beach staring at the sea. The waves flow you into a hypnotic trance as you quietly sit and stare into the blue horizon.

A sea holiday is always magical. The excitement of running barefoot onto the sand splashing into the shallow waves is freedom.


Cape Town


If you live in a city, the horizon has a different meaning. For example, in Cape Town, you can live in the city and experience the sunset horizon from the promenade. The sun hangs in the sky as the colours grow more intense.

The ocean is a special place with unique creatures. We are very dependant on the sea for oxygen and so much more.

During my years of living on the west coast, I have been privileged to experience many seafood dishes. There are edible plants on the west coast dunes, and the day’s catch is mouth-watering fresh fish.

On the east coast, the warm water fish is just as tasty. It is impossible to choose between the east coast and west coast fish. The ocean delivers.


Photography by the ocean.


For a photographer, the beach and the ocean are poetic romance filled with light play and beauty. I photographed many of my favourite photos with models on the beach at sunrise, midday or warm sunsets. Wind still and windy, cold or warm, the beach is a place of calm and beauty.



Treat of the sea

Fire cooked

Tasty fish

Fish from the sea


A romantic love affair with the ocean in South Africa, enjoying fresh fish from the east coast to the west coast.

Dorado Fish

West Coast Treats

Edible plants by the sea.

The West Coast ocean and dunes have various wild-growing edible plants, safe to cook.

Green tips (Hypnea spicifera)

Called green tips, this alga occurs as dense green and purple clumps on the lowest parts of the shore and is only visible during low spring tides. Numerous short fleshy spines cover the plant. The colour in this species is characteristically purple-brown at the base and a luscious translucent green at the tips. This sea plant can form extensive mats on the lowest reaches of the shore because of its rhizomatously spreading holdfast system. Early settlers used this plant for the making of jelly.

Seasonal, asparagus-like veldkool, or Trachyandra Ciliata, are just a few of ten wild edible plant species with potential for broader cultivation in the Sandy Cape soils. 

To learn more, read many of the in-depth articles on the interesting facts about the resilient edible plants growing on the dry West coast landscape and dunes.

Edible West Coast Plants
Edible West Coast Plants

It’s a Kind of Magic.

There is a kind of magic energy when you step onto the beach. Your camera is loaded, the person you work with is excited. The energy is vibrant. You are moving around, breathing in the salty air, feeling the cold waves on your feet. The sun is hot and cuts shapely shadows to highlight darkness and light. A shape, a swimsuit, a beautiful woman in your frame. Shapely sexy contrast swimsuit shoot. Colourful mornings are ocean-fresh, creating timeless moments in the summer sun.

Kim photographed in a Sexy, sunny, summer, sandy, salty swimsuit shoot.

The series of Kim is one of my favourites. We published the series in a magazine. I love the real and raw elements that create a natural photo series with a model on the beach.

Kim Rivalland
Kim Rivalland
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