You are currently viewing Create tasty Westcoast days and colourful photographs working in the dunes, beach and kitchen.

Create tasty Westcoast days and colourful photographs working in the dunes, beach and kitchen.

Create tasty Westcoast days and colourful photographs working in the dunes, beach and kitchen.

Olive Oil

Add flavour
Add taste
A necessity if you can
Rich in flavour
Balanced acidity
Spicey and smooth


Fresh, from the ocean, picked, cooked and plated.
In the morning, we harvested mussels from the rocks, an hour or so later, after cleaning the mussels, it was time to photograph and taste. Tasty treats from the salty rocks.


Fresh oysters, shucked and styled and flavoured with a Westcoast twist.

There are few things more satisfying than harvesting mussels from the rocks in the morning and having them for lunch a few hours later. If you love seafood, the Westcoast offers all the salty treats fresh from the sea.

You can buy fresh oysters on the Westcoast. Farmed oysters. They are delicious. The best oysters I have had. Over ten years, every long table lunch served farmed Westcoast oysters.

The obvious pairing is Tabasco, a slice of lemon, black pepper and a glass of bubbly wine. You can’t go wrong.

If you want to be more adventurous, there are many complementary options to add to your oysters. Pairings to consider are tomatoes and onions chopped into a relish. Kiwi fruit, watermelon and passionfruit. You can create a mushroom and butternut mix for a vegetable garnish. Oysters are one of my favourite subjects to photograph.


Sunset in Atlantis. The dunes stretch forever. The sunset flairs light into the camera lens in the orange afternoon sun.
This print is for sale.


Atlantis Dunes


If you have been in the dunes or the desert, the feeling of space is incredible. You are isolated but feel strangely wonderful. It is super quiet.

You hear the wind and the birds above. As you turn in a full circle, all you see is a vast landscape of sand. Eerily lonely and exceptionally beautiful. The sunset light on the dunes is unique. You experience a quiet romance in the last light flairs of the day.


A spatula and eggs in turquoise on the Westcoast.

The lazy sunlight plays between the shadows and highlights, illuminating the radiant turquoise on the chair and the spatula. It feels like a splash of the ocean in the kitchen.

On the grey floor, you photograph the turquoise. The eggs catch the afternoon sunlight in the turquoise bowl on the turquoise chair. The ocean breeze and waves wash over the sand. The light ocean colour is a blend of blue and turquoise.

Turquoise is a strong theme in the cookbook, Duinhuis.

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It is time to run onto the beach. Warm tones with a white swimsuit, the lights glow, and the waves speak. Soothing sounds on the beach while the sun flairs are sparkling brightly. A swimsuit shoots in the waves. Cold but warm, happy days into the weekend.

What is better to do on a Friday than to run onto the beach? The beach is free. You kick off your sandals and run over the sand into the icy Atlantic seawater. Weekend.

Luisa is Brazilian. I have had the opportunity to photograph many incredible Brazilian women during my photography career.

During the years of photographing swimwear and portraits on Clifton’s beach, the light is constantly changing. One moment there is full sun. The next moment, mist rolls in over the ocean. The temperature drops, bringing in hazy light shining through the mist.

A Sunday treat

Oysters are delicate and tender, paired with bubbly wine, a hint of spice and salty fresh citrus.
Add Tabasco for heat, lemon for acidity, pepper for spice and bubbles to complement your oyster pairing.

Tasty Westcoast Days.

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