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A glass of red wine in direct sun light

Are you tired of the South African Booze bans?

Are you tired of the South African Booze bans?

Are you tired of the South African Booze bans?

Yes, you are, and you are also tired of all the turmoil and incompetence.

Chin chin to new memories with a drink and a few photos.


This week I focus on drinks photography.


The alcohol ban lifted, and life can continue as normal. Sort off. There is still a weekend restriction in place. I don’t need a drink, but if I feel like a beer or some wine, it is good to know I can buy a bottle.


All blame is on the alcohol industry in South Africa.


Yes, South Africa has a drinking problem, but the government avoids many other issues. If there are too many road accidents, do you ban cars? No, you don’t.

What about buying limits or ID checks? There are many innovative ways to approach the countries drinking habits. But, it will take work and money to implement. We are a country with brilliant ideas and software to create solutions if the right people have the budgets to deliver.


One year later, South Africa struggles to vaccinate the countries people.


There is a shortage of vaccines. If the proper measures are in place, the vaccine rollout is the solution to the Covid lockdowns and alcohol bans.

Because of the corruption culture, funds disappear, and the infrastructure collapses. But it is easy to blame alcohol, the sin product. The current restrictions point to the incompetence and failure to govern properly.

A drink in the sun
Drinks photography with a shadow
A glass of red wine in the winter sun

Cheers, Chin Chin

Something with a bit of a kick

Something a bit more punchy

Something to soothe the cold.


The winter in South Africa this year hit hard.

It is biting cold. To top the cold, the country was in lockdown. So much for a cosy fire and a glass of red wine. If you didn’t stock up, you were caught out dry.

In between all the drama and restrictions, there is creativity. A few years ago, I photographed images in the sun. The strong shadows created an intriguing photo, but I didn’t make much of the style or the lighting. Crisp, sharp with a long shadow.

Today, sunlight and shadows is a trend in photography.


Many photographers use the lighting style. You can create an attractive series of photos of wine and spirits that visually intrigue your audience.

I love the dark grey backgrounds to create mood and deep shadows. The light surfaces create a fresh look with a long sharp shadow of the glass. It is visually pleasing and feels modern.

To create drinks photography in the sun, you can use a white or a darker surface to place your drinks. The dark surface will suck in the shadow, while the light surface will enhance the long contrasty shadows.

Lime drink in the sunset
Lemon drink with a shadow

Lemons and Limes

Zesty, spritz,

green and yellow,

feeling mellow.

And some shadows,

What would the world be without a lemon and glass shadow?


If you love photography, then you love the lighting.


After a few drinks sitting in the sun in my early twenties, I would sit and stare at the light and shadows on the table. It wasn’t the most sociable interaction getting lost in the visuals, but a great escape into following the light.


The shadows created by a glass or a stylistic element can turn into something unexpected.


When I edited the image of the lemon and glass this week, I saw a little duck. I loved the shadow previously but only noticed the little duck shadow this week. It is a bit of a lighting surprise that put a huge smile on my face.

A camera, a glass with a drink and a few stylistic items can keep you busy for hours. Creating photos and playing with shadows is therapeutic to me.

Erre Fashion between the glass and the sunlight
A drink in the sunset

Winter feels

Winter tones Between the glass and the shadows.

Every bit of sun on your skin is warm.

A wrapped warm outfit with a winter warming cocktail to enjoy on your Friday.


You walk into the house with a look and feel like an art museum.


You feel the warmth of the room but also experience nature with a balanced combination of the two. The structure is concrete and glass with natural light.

The winter light moves between the glass and the trees, creating enough light to photograph fashionable garments and silhouettes. It is a designer space for a designer collection. Earthy, with shadows and textures with light, airy spaces and depth to photograph a velvet wrapped woman.


If you love an open house with glass living in sync with nature, the house is for you.


After a few hours of photographing designer wear, it is time for a drink. The sun is low, and the drinks are for sipping slow. A bit of lemon zest, a taste of spice and then the spirits to add a kick. The mellow sunset glow.

Photographing drinks or people in the sunset light is romantic. The orange glow adds mood and depth. Playful shadows dance in the wind with a silhouetted light radiance.


I love backlight.


It is gritty, challenging at times but create sensual images with a lot of mood and feeling.
Every photographer creates a unique lighting style that resonates with the photography you love to create.

Luísa Pasinatto black and white
Quiver tree in the sunrise light
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