You are currently viewing Photographs by the sea, purple, blue, chocolate, and orange toned.

Photographs by the sea, purple, blue, chocolate, and orange toned.

Photographs by the sea, purple, blue, chocolate and orange toned.

A week of posting rich colours. Figs on the Westcoast, A chocolate slab with chocolate shavings, bubbly wine in the sunset and blue tones.

Dark Chocolate

Rich, creamy and smooth. Decadent Monday.


Ripe Purple Figs, luxuriously wrapped in Christian Lacroix with a velvet texture and sweet taste. The colours of a cookbook.

Purple Cabbage

A purple cabbage covered in olive oil.
A photo moment.
The cabbage printed and framed.
This print is for sale.

Bubbles by Candlelight
Calm moments
A sea breeze
A sunset
A camera
A chef and a cook
Celebrate your story
The start of a Cookbook called Duinhius

Baby makes her Blue Jeans Talk. 

“Night falls on the CityCity, baby feels the beat 

Slick and sexy angel of the street.”

No matter when you were born, this classic rock song by Dr Hook was a hit. The song is catchy with a steady rock beat.

After James Dean popularized jeans in the film, Rebel Without a Cause, wearing jeans became a symbol of youth rebellion during the 1950s. Jeans became more acceptable, and by the 1970s, wearing jeans became fashionable.

The women photographed wearing blue jeans in De Waterkant, Cape Town. Women photographed in natural light against a blue wall. 

Black Macaroons

Dark, rich in colour, light and fluffy texture,
mild sweet melting buttery taste, a blend of mocha chocolate, Hazelnut and pistachio. Jammy ganache, a taste sensation.

Macaroons are one of my favourite treats. I don’t have macaroons often. If you find a local bakery or confectionery that makes macaroons, they photograph beautifully. The photo options with macaroons are endless with texture and colour combinations.


Cape Town life


A week in Cape Town was always on the move. One day you work in Winelands. The next day, you photograph models in the City and on the weekend, there was a long-table lunch in Langebaan on the West coast.




I have been part of two cookbooks. Both cookbooks are vastly different but also similar. Once you have a photography style, your work has a signature. The way you light, angle and photograph are unique. You can be two people standing next to each other and create different images. That happens because of your camera, lighting, angle and approach to your subject.


Food Photography


If you appreciate simplicity, a grey floor or surface is always ideal for food photography. A grey surface creates natural tones allowing you to style almost any dish or ingredient on the surface.

Use a bit of olive oil, baking powder, sugar or any water to add depth to the lighting and your image. As you move around your subject, the light changes, presenting many opportunities for a perfect photo.

Purple, blue and chocolate brown are subtle colours to photograph on grey. The tones are rich, and the grey tends to have bluer tones on your photo. The two grey surfaces in these photos are both on the Westcoast next to the ocean. There is always a good mix of cold and warm light during the day next to the sea. The clouds rollover, and the sun shines brightly into the homes. 

If you want to create photos on a grey surface, a big grey tile is a perfect surface to photograph your next project.

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