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Atlantis Dunes

Create the perfect orange glow on the beach, dunes and open fire cooking in the Western Cape.

Create the perfect orange glow on the beach, dunes and open fire cooking in the Western Cape.

Capture the perfect orange glow on the beach and the dunes and embrace open fire cooking on the West Coast.


Fire Cooking

What do you like best about cooking on an open fire?

I love the smokey flavours while the flames give a barbecue taste, and the meat is tender and fire-cooked.

The lamb kebabs cook to perfection on a rotation fire cooker mechanism. Lamb on the fire is a mouth-watering meat feast.

Fire cooking is the most exciting cooking to me. After a long drive up the West Coast into the mountains, you are hungry. I remember a camping trip together with a group of friends to view a live concert. We stopped and set up camp, arrived late and were starving. I had some cooking oil, fresh vegetables and meat. I sliced the veggies into a big bite assortment, oiled the pan and flame-grilled the veggies on an open fire. I think it was one of those nights when the succulent fire-cooked vegetables were almost more tasty than the fire-cooked meat.

If you have a fire, you can cook almost anything. 

In the years I spend working with Isabella on the West Coast, Sunday lunches always have a fire when you visit the long table lunch. The open fire cooks the fish, fillet or flame cook the final part of a roast. To me, nothing beats the taste of smokey fire-cooked meat or fresh fish.

Isabella cooked one of the best fillet steaks I have ever tasted on an open wood fire. The hot flames sear the outside of the fillet while cooking the inside rear and juicy. The flame cooked taste is incredible.

Open fire flame cooking is not for everyone, but South Africans love flame cooking to achieve smokey succulent meat flavours.

Sand Space

Warm tones on the Dunes.

The dunes in Atlantis, Western Cape, is a sandy and fascinating landscape. The giant dunes stretch into the horizon. Once you walk into the dunes, tons of sand surrounds you. The landscape is tranquil and beautiful in simplicity.

Atlantis Dunes have hosted many fashion, commercial and TV shoots over the years. It is a unique location for filming and photography campaigns. The sandy mountains create a backdrop for dramatic and scenic visuals.

Golden Feather

Flow freely,

Glow gold,



moments in the sun,

Golden feather-free flow.

The sunsets in Cape Town in summer are magic. The sun hangs on the horizon for a time that feels like it is standing still. The orange glow intensifies the hotter the day on the beach. The white sand and cold seawater create a picturesque landscape for any photoshoot.

If you enjoy using backlight, Clifton beach at sunset will be ideal for creating backlight sunset portraits.

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