You are currently viewing Champagne skies with Tamaryn Green on the rooftop of the Maslow Hotel in Pretoria
Tamaryn Green

Champagne skies with Tamaryn Green on the rooftop of the Maslow Hotel in Pretoria

Champagne skies with Tamaryn Green on the rooftop of the Maslow Hotel in Pretoria

Winter Sun

Winter Sun, shining into a glass, inspired by the greats, snacking on tasty treats and tasting local sips.

The winter orange colour is unique in Pretoria. The orange glow hangs in the sky for a while. The wind is cold, but the light is warm. The reflection and light bounce are all orange.

Winter afternoon deliver beautiful light to photograph moments in the sunset.

Winter sun
Elegant table
The Photography Masters
Food Photography

Winter Colours

Warm tones

Dry colours

Brown hues

Rich, radiant seasonal shades

The flowers in the photos were all photographed in the Western Cape. On the Hermanus Pietersfontein wine farm high up against the foot of the mountain range, the wildflowers bloom.

Nestled between the mountains, fifty kilometres from Cape Agulhas and twenty-five kilometres from Walker Bay is the Hermanus Pietersfontein wine farm in Sondagskloof.

The cool climatic conditions and high content clay soils bring out the natural acidity and minerality to deliver a range of elegant European-style wines.

Above the manicured vines, fynbos and wildflowers grow on the foot of the mountain range. The flowers range from purple, orange, red, to yellow. A walk in the field up is spectacular, with views of the ocean in the distance.

If you are in the Hermanus region, book into the cottages on the farm and venture out for a long walk into the scenic vineyards and fynbos paths. 


Orange wildflower
In the fynbos
Red Wildflower

Tamaryn Green

Pretoria Champagne skies

A look back to an elegant sunset shoot on the rooftop.

Time runs by. It has been almost three years since I moved out of Cape Town to Pretoria. The photoshoot with Tamaryn Green, former Miss South Africa, was my first project in Pretoria in 2018.

It has been an eventful three years travelling between Cape Town, Umhlanga and Pretoria. I have ventured into new directions learning a lot about marketing and online sales. 

Writing has become a significant focus. Communication is everything. There are always new clients to connect with with a desire to create marketing content.

Somedays, I think back to easier days as a photographer. Learning copywriter, marketing strategies and starting fresh with new skills are never easy. But, if you don’t keep learning, you stagnate, which is not an option. I am excited to be writing so often as I do. Learning copy and content writing is exciting and challenging. All marketing needs good copy and content marketing. Copywriting is so much more than just writing. It is marketing consulting, strategies and implementation to communicate clearly to the right audience. If you can solve a problem through your market content, you are halfway to the finish line.

I love the photo of Tamaryn Green. It is an elegant fashion portrait in the sunset. My style has always been to look for backlighting in the sunset. This photo is a combination of sunset backlighting and a fill-in flashlight from the camera direction. The balance of lighting produces a crisp image with detail on the dress and romance in the sky. 

I love seeing the available light dim and the night clouds painted red. A portrait in the sky.

I call it Champagne skies.


Tamaryn Green
Tamaryn Green
Tamaryn Green
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