You are currently viewing Time to think. A few words to describe the process.

Time to think. A few words to describe the process.

Time to think. A few words to describe the process.

Lockdown reinvents, Reading Ogilvy.

I create, I write, I edit, I renew.

If the last two years will teach me one thing, it is to be resilient, strive, and ask uncomfortable questions. 

My new website is progressing. A new exciting online business is currently in development. I took some time away from blogging and regular posting. It is time to change strategy and rethink. Design a new future career using the skills in my well-travelled leather bag.

On a cold lockdown morning, immersed in work, it hits me out of the blue. Figuratively, not physically, although the emotional effect is intense. Moments in life force introspection. 

I think back to the black comedy film, Birdman. The lead actor Micheal Keaton confronts introspection throughout the film. 


Reinvent and Renew


Time to think through the lockdown creating new processes, progression, reinvent, renew and produce results.

This year will renew, reinvent, and ask hard questions to find the freedom of an empty freeway, driving through mesmerizing landscapes with your soundtrack blaring your individual life story. It took many hard slog moments to get here. The mental freedom of the open road is liberating. Play some rock n roll tunes. 

My reinventing has been continuous. It has been a thoughtful process to plan for the future. Learn and engage in fresh ways of working towards new goals. Learn new skills that challenge you. 


Writing Habits


I spend hours writing a few lines, weeks writing proposals. I spend months mailing and communicating marketing ideas and offers only to end up back where I started. Writing is an essential skill I have neglected.

The process is humbling. Creating with humility generates truth. It is time to learn. Reinventing is introspective, paying attention to all the intricate details. Say no to almost everything and focus.

As the father of advertising, David Ogilvy said you have to sell or else. You have to be able to sell what you create. 




For any creative person excited to bring a product or a service to the market, this line can evoke sleepless nights and enduring work effort to find small breakthroughs. The work and research are continuous. True Passion.

Dan Kennedy writes with a cure. Create massive action. There is only one word to create a life of wealth and prosperity. That word is action. Continuous massive action leads to results. 

You will want to build a searching mindset and resilience with a stubborn attitude not to give up.

I believe in results, the smile on the face I interact with, and photograph. The honest way I work to present a product or a service in a working relationship.

 If I do not create a client’s results, I have to rework and research back to the drawing board. Achieving results is the driving force to judge your work.

A quote from Charlie Bukowski.

Charlie Bukowski captured the rawness of life, pain, and beauty, electrifying and unapologetic aliveness. 

“Art is its excuse, and it’s either Art, or it’s something else. It’s either a poem or a piece of cheese.” Charlie Bukowski


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