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Silver Lining on the Ocean

A silver lining, Photograph silver moments in the sunlight


A silver lining, How to photograph silver moments in the sunlight while you frame a moment. Light is fascinating. It is the essence of photography.

I love looking at light and getting lost in the highlights and reflections that change a moment.


A silver flash,


a sparkle in the sun,

West Coast fresh,

Lemon basting and wood fire flames,


There are few things more enjoyable than a fresh fish braai next to the ocean while you sip on your Rose wine.


The bright, metallic sheen of fish skin is fascinating.


It is-is due to a sophisticated system of crystals that enhance light reflection. The crystals on the fish scales help fish hide from predators.

Crystals in the skin underneath fish scales reflect light to produce a mirror-like sheen. This silvery reflectance acts as a camouflage protecting fish from predators while swimming near the water’s surface. However, the exact shape of the crystals and how they work remains a mystery.

Silver Angel Fish
Silver fish


Silver Mood


Silver seascape


Silver lining


The light on the ocean late afternoon is silver magic.


For a while in the afternoon, the sunlight reflects silver on the ocean surface at the right angle. 

Sunlight reflecting off the surface of the water makes the water look silver or white. This phenomenon, known as sunglint, can highlight wave features. The ocean looks like a silvery mirror.

The ocean is blue because water absorbs colours in the red part of the light spectrum. Like a filter, it leaves you to see blue colours in the light spectrum. At a specific part of the day, the blue turn into a sparkly silver ocean surface.

Lazy days next to the beach mesmerized by the silver light sparkles on the water.

Silver Lining on the Ocean
Silver warm lining


On the idea of a Silverlining


Today is world photography day. 

19 August

There are so many photos to share and so many things I can say.

What makes me happy is capturing a moment and posting a photo. I am grateful for all the years of making a life as a freelance photographer. 

Photography allows creativity, people, places, relationships and freedom to think.


“Look for the silver lining

Whenever a cloud appears in the blue

Remember, somewhere the sun is shining

And so the right thing to do is make it shine for you”.

Chet Baker

Duinhuis Silver Oyster
Amy in silver highlights
Luisa Pasinatto Smile
Dune Dance
Bailey Marc & Andre Lingerie
Anyon Sola Smile
Erica Haughton Black and White
Desiree in Erre Fashion
Iza Rocche Lingerie
Cape Town Sunset in Black and White

Photography weekend


Moments Part #1

Instead of writing, this weeks blog is all about visuals. 

I am posting a collection of portraits and moments by the ocean and in the city.

Kim Rivalland
Atlantis Dunes
Yellow Fish
Elena Bystrova
Duinhuis Mussels
Brittney da Costa Banning
Jamille Morales
henna lintukangas
Maria Beljanina

Photography weekend


Moments Part #2

A picture is “worth a thousand words“. 

A photo communicates complex and multiple ideas. Often more effectively than a wordy description

Aidai Kerimkulova
Cecile Henning Louw
Marie Ihm
Grimaud White flower
Dullstroom Landscape
Duinhuis Eggs on the chair
Loryn van Wyk classic car
Constanze Witzel
Thatiana Fanucchi
Maree Hélène

Photography weekend


Moments Part #3


Who needs a world photography day to celebrate posting photos.


Let’s make a weekend of it and share moments photographed. People, places, food, art, landscapes, memories, all framed and captured to share.


“A heart, full of joy and gladness

Will always banish sadness and strife

So always look for the silver lining

And try to find the sunny side of life.”

Chet Baker – “Look for the silver lining.”


The silver lining often appears when you photograph portraits or work in natural light. Turn a photo into black and white and push the contrast. Your photograph will show a silvery black and white tone.

I look forward to many more moments framed and captured with a silver lining in the sunlight.

Laura Bosenberg
Dancing Mushrooms
Natali krug
White Skull
Lamborghini huracan
Dune Dance Sunset
Cecile Henning Louw
Duinhuis Longtable Lunch
Constanze Witzel Story
These boots are made for walkin
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