Sipping Dry Martinis into 2021
Dry Martini

Sipping Dry Martinis into 2021

Sipping Dry Martinis by the pool into 2021.

This December, I enjoyed many classic dry Martinis. The afternoons turned fiery orange. I read a thick hardcover story by Stephen King and left my phone in the corner.

A blissful new routine to work with into 2021.

Stephen King is one of my favourite authors. I am not as receptive to the themes as I used to be. The writing is gripping. It is a story about an artist, weird and twisted as I expected.

I look into the pool water imagining long walks on the beach. The ocean breeze is warm. I have never lived in the USA. The thought of exhibiting artwork in Sarasota sounds fancy and international. Florida is known to have an avid art market. 

In the morning, I see the red and yellow finches pick up the strewn birdseed. Then, the finches sing and chirp the morning into colour.

The dry highveld wind is warm. It is a hot December month. A few lazy days of thinking and reading.

December turns into January, bringing on 2021. So what will the year hold?

I will work to write more often than in 2020. I will spend less time on social media. Create more written content on my website. I want to communicate more directly and build stronger relationships while allowing allow fewer distractions in my day. Build a stronger brand to offer more value and help deliver more focussed content and results. 

In 2021 automation campaigns are essential. How can I create content that generates income on an automated system to afford myself time to be more creative?

Why am I sharing my goals with you? 

I want to be clear about the workflow I create. Put my ideas into writing to hold myself accountable.

I made one critical mistake in my photography career. 

I created and lived a one-dimensional brand. 

I booked clients, created photography content, edit and deliver the work. I did have a follow-up system, but many of my clients were once off booings.

My photo print sales and workshops only started recently. I am working to create an online photography course. I am selling stock photography through stock sites. I create marketing content to help brands sell and communicate.

We need to package knowledge and experience to create online products. I am selling photography prints. Photography is and will always be my true love.

It creates a warm fuzzy feeling every time I sell a photo print. It’s an honour to see your image framed on a wall.

My buzzword for 2021 is automation. Create automated systems to add value. Create an automation to sell work to people benefitting from my expertise and work.

I challenge myself in 2021 to expand my brand. Create a lifestyle where I can enjoy a Dry Martini by the pool and splash some ink on paper.

If I can help you create photography, film, writing and marketing content for your brand, let’s chat. I create colourful visuals and write punchy words.


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I create visual content and write punchy words for your brand.