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Yellow Lemon Art

Yellow Lemon, Lemon Art

Yellow Lemon, Lemon Art

What makes photography art?

The yellow colour meaning is wisdom, joy and happiness. Yellow brings clarity and awareness that clears your mind, making it active and alert. The colour yellow is full of creative energy.

The colour yellow makes me cheerful and uplifted to express with enthusiasm when creating Art. The feeling of interacting with yellow is vibrant. It stimulates abundance.

In Japan, the colour yellow symbolizes courage and willpower, which leads to invention and progress. The colour yellow has more positive connotations than sombre implications. Yellow is sunshine which is life and energy to us all.


Is photography art?


The photographer is an artist. The Artist creates with a vision. Throughout the years, the public asked questions. Is a photographer or painter an artist if they are duplicating the realistic environment?  

The Artist brings a subject to an audience presented by a chosen medium. The Artist represents the artists’ response to the subject and not the subject itself. 

If the artist masters a medium, the technical side and the basics, an artist presents a personal style and taste.


The Yellow lemon

Yellow lemon art, what makes photography art?


The yellow lemon inspired me to create a photograph of the lemon. Using low light settings and morning shadows, I photographed the lemon. The photo of a lemon is a deliberate intention to photograph what I see. Art happens when you act on your vision and create something. I love the combination of the colour and the shadows from the leaves, adding depth.

 Art is self-serving, but because you share passion and fun, you share your vision with people who interact with your work. Photography exists to express affection and have fun. 

A colourful way to communicate through Photography

I enjoy working with bright colours. In my Photography, I lean toward warm colours. Colour impacts our mood lively. The warmer colours are riskier with enthusiastic responses, while darker colours establish a sense of security and calmness. 


Colour in Photography


In Photography, colour filters create brilliant effects. A blue filter will create a sophisticated feeling for a car advertisement. The warm orange filters will set the tone for a fun surf trip or a romantic evening in a chic designed bar. 

In our retro revival time right now, I see many brown and orange tones, which return to the use of secure and calm colouring. 

Lemon Art

Three lemons photographed on yellow paper in the morning shadows. The photograph is colour contrasted and edited. A little bit of vibrance and punch to pop the colour.

The colour photo turned to black and white, using saturation and threshold filters. Paint yellow onto the black and white image. I used a few colour and saturation manipulations used to achieve the results. Each process is unique. Photographers and artists work according to personal style and taste.




The photo idea was to photograph lemons on yellow paper in the morning light. Then edit and manipulate the photograph into a monotone work with a splash of yellow.  

The final work and series called Two prints of lemon.

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