You are currently viewing Salty sunset moments, photographing women and food by the sea.
Erika Haughton

Salty sunset moments, photographing women and food by the sea.

Salty sunset moments, photographing women and food by the sea.

The story started many years ago. Years before, I ever imagined photographing food on the Westcoast.

The start of a story. A food photographers story filled with adventure, travels and many interesting people. I will share some moments each week of my food photography adventures. We all love food. It is an ongoing love affair, excited for the next taste and sip.

I will also share portrait moments. I photographed women before food. Then I started to photograph food with portraits and all the other work. The blog is a weekly visual story of photography moments.


Tomato, Tomatoes

Fresh, Red, Juicy with healthy loads of love.
A bowl of tomatoes photographed in soft light.

Red crayfish and Oyster mushrooms

Red crayfish and Oyster mushrooms photographed in natural light on a grey Westcoast surface.

A story starts.
A long time ago, not too long ago. A work partner and I took a drive up the Westcoast. The scenic drive and the first few photos were the start of a cookbook. We cooked with West coast morning ocean fresh and country colour.

Pink-red orange oyster mushroom

Oyster Mushroom photographed in backlight on a grey floor.

How do you start photographing a cookbook? 

You think and plan for a lifetime. Then, One day with enough planning on the West coast, you put your wooden chair on your wooden table standing on the wooden deck and take a picture. Then you start.

Portrait moment in the Sunset of the beach.

A long time ago, before my food photography, marketing and writing projects, this is what I did with my life daily. I lived close to the beach and photographed natural portraits in the Sunset. I met Erika a long, long time ago. This portrait was more recent, a little while before the world became masked.

Backlighting on the beach.

Erika Haughton

The Chocolate cupcake

 I photographed the cupcake with a mix of side and backlighting with a patterned fabric castings shadows on the grey floor. It is sunlight on the floor on the West Coast in Langebaan. I kept it natural but added some styling bits and depth to the lighting with patterned shadows.

Food Photography


Food photography is visual and colourful. It is an exploration of taste, smell, texture and travel. The people you meet are all foodies, excited and eager to create and plate the next dish. Most of my food photography work originates from the West Coast in South Africa. That is where I started working with Isabella Niehaus. When you walk into the Duinhuis, Isabella is cooking at the red kitchen table with an ocean view. The house is grey, build on a dune. The natural light flows across the grey floor, a texture to compliment any dish.


Sunset Portraits


The years of photographing beautiful women in the sunset light on the beach were memorable. I loved it. You walk barefoot in the sand with icy Atlantic seawater washing over your feet. The summer days are long. The Sunset in the summertime in Cape Town is between seven and 8 pm. The light is fresh, with warm hues colouring the afternoon orange. I enjoyed many happy moments meeting all the women from all over the world.

Driving up the West Coast landscape is earthy-toned with a salty sea breeze. It is a tasty visual experience with a camera in hand.

If you have a food brand or a story you want to photograph or write about, talk to me.

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