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Red Sliced Onion

Food photography with red ingredients in South Africa

Food photography with red ingredients in South Africa


Creating food photography with red ingredients in South Africa is exciting. The country offers sun almost all year round, producing quality ingredients. Compose eye-catching visuals using sunlight and shade. Red ingredients pop, creating bold and bright photographs.


Red Pasta




Red Onions,

Pasta Rossa.

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Colour your Pasta


Colour pasta with tomatoes, carrots and beets and even red onions to make Red pasta. 

What type of sauce goes best with linguine? Not any linguine, red linguine? 


Meaty Sauces for your Red Pasta


Generally, wide pasta ribbons pair well with rich, meaty sauces. Italians often use tagliatelle in spaghetti and meatballs. 

Taglialette pairs well with chunky, meaty sauces.

The red pasta colour photographs well on a grey surface in a dark bowl. To create more colourful photographs, add orange or strips of cooked meat to add layers. Food photography is playful. The food market offers various ingredients to create bright food images.


Tagliatelle with Pancetta, Basil and Mozzarella


Your red tagliatelle will pair well with Pancetta, Basil and Mozzarella. Cook a simple tomato sauce for a quick and delicious pasta dish to enjoy at lunch or dinner.

Browned grilled fish or pork strips will photograph well with red pasta. Add fire-cooked meat or fish to your red pasta for a spicey winter or summer pasta dish.

Red Tagliatelle

Red Cabbage

Something different to cook.

Red Cabbage is a kind of Cabbage known as Blaukraut. Its coloured leaves are dark red and purple. Cabbage in the sunlight and shade creates an atmospheric vegetable food photo.

You have many options for experimenting with red Cabbage.

Cook your red Cabbage or use it raw to add colour and crunch to your dishes. 

You can cook Red Cabbage into cheese, pork, duck, game and fish dishes.

How to Cook Cabbage on the Grill

1. Build a fire or Preheat your grill to medium-high heat.

2. Place your Cabbage on a cutting board. Using a large chef’s knife, cut 1-inch-thick slices. 

3. Brush the Cabbage with butter, oil or your new marinade. 

4. Grill the cabbage slices until charred. 

Grill for about fifteen to twenty minutes. Place the grilled slices on a greased baking sheet.

4. Place a baking sheet in your oven and preheated the oven to 400°F. 

Roast until tender for about 15 minutes. Serve with flavoured butter.

If you want even more flavour, marinate the cabbage slices. The vegetable will soak up your marinade.

Drizzle the marinade while you fire-cook the Cabbage for added flavour.

Red Cabbage

Red Onion

Red onions sliced,

red onion sun and shaded,

red onion skin,

red onion spice and flavour.


Red onions are cultivars of the onion with purplish-red skin and white flesh on the inside. Red onions tend to be medium-sized with sharp flavours perfect for cooking.


Red Onions


A red onion offers sharp and spicy flavours perfect with raw salads or cooking hearty dishes.

If you enjoy grilling onions, the red onion is perfect to grill. In South Africa, fire-cooking meat and vegetables are part of the food culture. The smokey wood flavours add depth to any vegetable or meat cooked on the open fire. You can also use a pan on the open fire if you don’t like charred vegetables.

Cut your onion into wedges, and char on the grill. The fire-cooked onions deliver jammy smokey flavours to pair with meat or fish.


Photographing Red ingredients and fire-cooked vegetables.


South Africans love cooking with fire. Whether you are cooking meat or vegetables, a fire adds flavour to almost any ingredient. The smokey flavours add depth to your meat and charred vegetable slices.

Create a delicious summer menu with colourful ingredients to cook on an open fire. Once cooked, create a spread to photograph your tasty summer feast.

Red Onion in South Africa
Red Onion in South Africa
Red Onion in South Africa
Red Onion in South Africa
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