You are currently viewing Photography on Clifton 4th beach in Cape Town, South Africa
Brittney DaCosta Banning

Photography on Clifton 4th beach in Cape Town, South Africa

Photography on Clifton 4th beach in Cape Town, South Africa

Clifton 4th beach in Cape Town is iconic. It is one of the two most popular beaches in Cape Town. Photography on Clifton 4th beach is scenic with a lot on offer.

The white sandy beach is between Camps Bay and Bantry Bay. It is an affluent suburb of Cape Town with exclusive residential properties and spectacular views over the Atlantic ocean.

After sunrise, you step into the cold sand.

Morning light is blue while the sun moves across Lionshead to warm up the beach. The blue shadows turn into a warm morning glow. The mornings on the beach is incredible. Quiet with crisp blue skies on a sunny day. Some days the mist rolls in, making the beach moody and hazy.

As you put your first step in the sand, the locals set up beach chairs and umbrellas for the day visitors that will start showing up for lazy beach days.

Anyon Sola Clifton 4th beach


Happy Summer days


Blue skies,

Beach days,

Happy days.


The west coast of South Africa offers a long stretched beach with views towards Cape Town and the northern coastal suburbs.

The city and entire west coast stretch is a location paradise for productions teams worldwide.

In summer, teams film on almost every beach and all the unique locations in the Cape. The city lives for the summer season to welcome visitors from worldwide. It is a friendly city with some of the best eateries, bars and coffee shops to visit.

Francois Pistorius Photography

Summer Sky

Floating into Summer,

Summer winds.


Clifton 4th beach Sunset


In the afternoon, as sunset approaches, the beach is busy. People play in the waves on the sand and sit around waiting for the sunset. Cape Town sunsets are magical. 

The sun hangs on the horizon and slowly sinks into the ocean. The clouds and sky turn into sky painting. It feels like a forever sunset on the warm long summer days.

Summer is a buzz full of tourist activity.


Clifton 4th beach Photography


The beach is spacious. The rock boulders offer little shade but add shape and texture to your beach shoot.

The water is icy, but the light contrast is incredible.

In the morning, your images on a sunny day are fresh blue with white sand. At sunset, the shadows are long with warm shades and backlight flair. The sunset light and open beach offer you good opportunity to create warm and moody silhouette images.

Brittney DaCosta Banning
Brittney DaCosta Banning

Beachy Blue Sky

In the mood for beach days,

Summer morning,

summer sunsets,

summer vibes.

Brittney DaCosta Banning
Brittney DaCosta Banning
Brittney DaCosta Banning

Cliftin 4th beach Photo shoot.

To photograph a clean and fresh blue sky image. Drive or walk to Clifton 4th beach. The morning light is perfect for beauty and summer lifestyle images.

It is a unique beach, often protected from the fierce south eater wind. If the black south-easter blows, it becomes hard to escape the wind. Windless days are magical but warm. The daylight lasts forever in the middle of summer, offering you balmy beach days.

Brittney DaCosta Banning
Brittney DaCosta Banning
Brittney DaCosta Banning
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